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Indoor Volleyball Net – Three Reviews

Need an indoor volleyball net? You will love these reviews on these volleyball nets. I am going to review three different grades of nets. That way, you can pick the one that will make the most sense for your situation.

Introductory Grade Net

Indoor Volleyball Net - Low GradeThis net is more of an entry level quality net. It will certainly do the job, but it is not the type of net that you would want to use for serious competitions.

This is the type of net you would want to use with very young youth teams (since they like to be monkeys and hang on the net), or for very casual play.

Also, if you do not play often, this type of net may make sense because of the lower cost. 

There are several reasons that this is a lower level net: It does not have anything to reinforce the sides of the net, there are not additional straps to tie the net to the poles, and it does not have a reinforcement bar that you will see on the higher quality nets.

Although there is not anything special about this net, it will serve its purpose. You can pick one up here from Amazon: Macgregor Volleyball Net

Recreational Grade Net

Indoor Volleyball Net - Recreational GradeThis indoor volleyball net is a medium grade level. This type of a net would work well for recreational play, junior leagues, and volleyball practices.

This volleyball net has several features that make it several steps above the introductory level net:

  • Additional ties to secure it to the net
  • Reinforced side strap
  • Fiberglass dowels for net bracing

With the dowels and the reinforced straps, the net will be more durable and will endure more wear and tear. If you are looking for a net that will last a long time, you will need features like these.

The additional ties will mean that the net will be tighter. This will allow for the ball to easily be played out of the net. This net will work very well for all of your needs.

If you want to pick one up, you can get it here: Recreation Volleyball Net

Competition Grade Net

Indoor Volleyball Net - Competition GradeThis indoor volleyball net is the whole enchilada. Everything that you would want in a net, you will find it with this one.

This premium net is designed for the highest level of play. This is the type of net you would see in tournaments, matches, and any level of competitive play.

This net meets all specifications for competitions of all levels.

The dowels on this net are wooden and will withstand any and all punishment. The net floats on the top cable. This “floating” allows for simple centering of the net. Just get the top cable secured on the poles, and you can move the net prior to securing the other fasteners.

The additional side ties provide buckle clamp closures. If the ties are just cords and you have to tie a knot in them, you will not be able to secure it as tightly as you would with these clamps. These clamps will also prevent you from getting knots in the ties.

This net also features reinforced corners for maximum durability. This is the top of the line quality and will provide exceptional play.

You can pick it up here: Competition Indoor Net

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