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Kettlebell Weights Review

Kettlebell weights are a great exercise option for volleyball athletes. Keep on reading this review to find out more information on how they can improve your workouts and conditioning.

Why are kettlebells a good workout choice for volleyball players? The answer to that question is that you get much more of a total body workout with them than what you would get with traditional dumbells. It all boils down to the movements.

Kettlebell WeightsWhen you are working with the kettlebell, you are getting more muscle groups involved than if you were just doing traditional weight training with a weight machine or free weights. When you are swinging the kettlebell, you are engaging more of your muscles to move the weight.

You also are using different muscle abilities. You get the acceleration muscles to start the swinging motion. These muscles are usually your powerful, explosive muscles. However, you also get your deceleration muscles involved as they work to stop the momentum of the swinging weight. These deceleration muscles are good to prevent injuries, balance, and more.

These are great to strengthen your shoulders to increase hitting power and also to reduce rotator cuff injuries. Your core is also heavily engaged when exercising with kettelbells and your core is used in almost every aspect of volleyball.

One of the major downsides of kettlebells is that there is a learning curve in using them. It takes a little practice to learn how to swing them without hitting something. You have to learn a little control to ensure that the exercise is being done correctly. Other than that, they are a great workout alternative.

I recommend starting with a low weight when learning the movements and then increasing the weight as your muscles have learned the motion.

That is why I really like this particular kettlebell set from It has four different kettlebell weights in one set for a much lower price than buying each weight separately.

Marcy VKBS50 Kettlebell Weight Set

Here is a kettlebell workout for volleyball players that is a good starting point for a kettlebell workout:

I hope that information helps you decide whether or not you should incorporate kettlebells into your training routine. I think you will find them to be very beneficial.

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