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Weight Lifting Equipment – Which Ones Are The Best For Volleyball Athletes?

Weight training is an important aspect of volleyball training. So, which weight lifting equipment is the best? Does it make sense to use free weights, kettlebells, or a full home gym system? This webpage will answer those questions.

How Is Weight Training Essential?

The importance of weight training should not be ignored. When you are working on developing explosive power and strength, it requires that you use weight beyond your own body weight.

Weight Lifting EquipmentWhen you use the correct form and control, lifting weights becomes a quick way to increase your power. Power is important for a volleyball player. The explosive power can mean that you jump higher, hit harder, and block better. There are also studies that show that athletes who use weight training are also more resistant to injuries on the court.

For personal reasons, I like to use free weights when training. I do not like the huge bars, weight plates, and such. I feel that those weight training systems slow down my workout and it is just bulky to store around the house. As a result, I prefer weight lifting equipment that will allow me to move in an out of exercises quickly.

When I am training, I like to do interval training.  Interval training is where you go quickly from one exercise to the next without resting. Your heart rate will shoot up, and it is almost like getting a
cardiovascular workout while lifting weights.

I like to share this because it plays an important part in my mindset when I am looking for weight systems that will allow me to train that way. I find that my body responds much better to interval training than anything else I have found so far.

With that in mind, I will be sharing some of the best weight training equipment I have found for volleyball players. These tools will include things like kettlebells, dumb bells, training bands, among others.

Here are the reviews:

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells

Kettlebell Weights

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