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Mental Toughness Training For Volleyball

Why is mental toughness training so important for volleyball players? Because so much of the game takes place in the player’s mind. Let me give you an example…


A player is receiving the serve and as they pass the ball, they make a mistake and shank the ball causing the other team to get an easy point. Now, the player is still thinking about the last play with the error instead of thinking about making the next play.

It is so easy for players to beat themselves up over a missed opportunity than it is for them to visualize their success for the next time. Since most people have a tendency to beat themselves up, I wanted to create a section of the site that deals with mental toughness and how to create it.

Mental Toughness TrainingI know a lot of high school volleyball players are looking to compete for volleyball scholarships. Developing this mental attitude is going to be a key component to make the scholarship a reality.

The truth of the matter is that you can actually have a mental edge over your opponent to the point where if the game is tight, you are going to pull out the win because you expect to win.

Do you remember the old Chicago Bulls teams with Michael Jordan? They came on the floor expecting to win. They knew they were going to win. Their opponents knew they were going to win. They had that mental edge. Often times, the first development of mental toughness comes from a small success in competition.

In order to have that first success in competition, the players must have that taste of success in practice. As a coach, you can help your players begin to develop this toughness by providing opportunities during practice for them to successfully use the training they have acquired.

Players will play the same way that they have practiced. If practice is sloppy and unfocused, you will likely have the same thing happen in a match situation.

I remember beating teams that we shouldn’t have won. That added to my confidence and I started to believe that we could beat anybody. A good part of my mental toughness training over the years has come from success against people I looked up to. When I realized that I could beat them, the sky was the limit.

This section of the site is dedicated to tips and strategies to create this winning mindset with players and coaches.

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