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Increasing Your Vertical Jump – Explode Your Vertical Using This Amazing Secret!

Your vertical jump is just weeks away from seeing double digit increases! That is right…a double digit increase in just a few weeks. What makes it possible?

Need To Increase Your Vertical?

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This revolutionary jumping program is your path to dominating the competition. In the world of sports, great athletes are more physically capable than the others. That is what makes them dominate.

Think of the sports you play… Volleyball? Basketball? Football? In just about any sport, you would have a competitive advantage by increasing your vertical jump.

So What Is The Secret To An Explosive Vertical Jump?

If you are like me, you have tried other jump programs and experienced very little results. You might have gained a few inches, but you quickly hit a jumping plateau and couldn’t get more of an increase.

Kiss those problems goodbye!

The Jump Manual is the solution that other jumping programs can not deliver.

Many other jumping programs focus on exercises for just the calves and your quads. But what about all of the other muscles that are used for jumping? This is the key to why the other programs do not deliver results

The secret is that this vertical jumping program focuses on ALL (nine multi-faceted approach) of the muscles used for jumping and uses specific exercises to get all of them working together and strengthened together. The end result is that you get insane leg muscles that can deliver insane results.

Sounds Great! But How Long Are The Workouts?

Much shorter than you think…

Most programs require you to spend long hours in the gym every day of the week. That is another part of the reason that they cannot deliver results.

In order for your muscles to be strengthened, you need to have time for your body to recover from the last workout. You can be increasing your vertical jump 10 inches in 12 weeks guaranteed. No, that was not a typo…

Each workout is outlined on a calendar so that you know exactly what to do and the order to do it. You will not need to have a major lifestyle change to get the results that you want. This workout program will not make you a slave to “working out.”

You Can Have Results Quickly!

I understand how you think. You don’t want to wait to be able to dominate on the court. You want immediate results. This program delivers explosive results in a mere few weeks. No more waiting months and months for results. Most athletes on this program see about an inch per week of training.

When you are getting results this quickly, you will be able to outperform the competition. Volleyball coaches look for athletes that can jump high and hit hard. Use this program to explode your vertical, get noticed by the coaches, and make the volleyball team of your choice.

Does The Program Really Work?

Yes! But, I will let you decide. Here are some things you should know about this program:

  • The Jump Manual has been used by professional volleyball players to increase their vertical jump.
  • There are tons of testimonials on their website (including videos to show the proven results).
  • The creator of the program also has a tremendous vertical jump. In other words, he walks the walk instead of just talking about it.

Increasing Your Vertical Jump Is Also Surprisingly Affordable

Most of the vertical jump programs sell for hundreds of dollars.

This program is much less than that and also includes one-on-one coaching with the creator of the program. For the low price of $97, you can be flying through the air doing things you did not think you were capable of doing.

I am so confident in the program, that you will also have a 60 day money back guarantee. That makes this risk free for you. You can try the program, see the results in 60 days, and get your money back if you do not see the results.

But I know the results will follow when you follow the program.

I Am In! How Do I Order?

Smart move. Click Here For Instant Access To The Jump Manual!

Still can’t decide? Well, I always under-promise and over-deliver. That is the way I like to do business.

There are also free bonus products when you purchase. You can see these free bonuses (that are very valuable) by Clicking Here!

Just look at what the program offers:

  • Fast results in 8-10 weeks
  • Explosive double digit increases in your vertical jump
  • No risk 60 day money back guarantee
  • Reputable program offered through a reputable source
  • Results from a trainer for professional athletes

The end result for you is that you will soar through the air. You will be explosive, fast, and ready to dominate the other team. Take advantage of the program now!


P.S. If you haven’t already ordered I urge you to do so quickly. The faster you get this in your hands, the faster you can see the changes.

P.S.S. Need that link again to purchase? Here it is: Click Here!

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