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Molten Volleyballs Review

Molten volleyballs are another choice that you can have when it comes to selecting the right volleyball equipment. Let’s get to the reviews on these volleyball balls to see how they stack up against the competition…

Molten Pro Touch Volleyball

Molten Pro Touch VolleyballThis Molten volleyball is the official ball of the NCAA. That says a lot about the type of volleyball it is.

The Pro Touch means that it is going to be a little bit harder than a soft touch ball. Personally, I like to play with this type of ball ever though it is a little harder. I like it because the ball is easier to hit, and it is good for getting the arms toughened up a little bit. Don’t let my review fool you. The ball is still soft to play with…it just isn’t a marshmallow like some other balls.

The ball is very responsive during use. I have played with this volleyball a lot and I have enjoyed it. In fact, most of my teams have preferred to use this volleyball. 

The ball is made with premium Japanese leather and a Uni-bladder construction. This means that the bladder will not leak and lose air like you will see with cheaply constructed volleyballs. Coupled with a 2 year warranty, you can’t go wrong with this volleyball.

Overall, this is a great volleyball that just about any player would enjoy using. Plus, I think the design of the ball is pretty cool.

You can pick it up from here: Molten Pro Touch Volleyball

Molten V5M5000 Volleyball

Molten V5M5000 VolleyballAnother one of the Molten volleyballs is this premium volleyball. I like it because it looks different than all the other volleyballs out there. I also dislike it for the same reason.

I know that sounds strange, but I like things that are different. They have always appealed to me. However, this kind of “different” looks like a soccer ball to me, and that doesn’t appeal to me.

Part of the reason that the design is so different is that there is specific technology incorporated into the ball. This ball features something called FLISTATEC technology. This means flight stability technology. The panels on the ball have been placed to cause a smoother rotation on the ball which will also reduce the normal air friction.

One of the features of this ball says that it has improved visibility…I would suspect that any ball colored like this one could make that kind of a claim.

I am sure this is a great ball. I guess I just prefer (if you are looking for something different) the Mikasa MVA200 volleyball that was used in Beijing for the Olympics. Take a look at the Mikasa volleyball review.

If you are interested in this Molten volleyball, you can pick it up here: Molten V5M5000 Premium Volleyball

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