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How Can Volleyball Conditioning Improve Your On Court Performance?

In a close game, volleyball conditioning can be the factor that will make or break you. In a long five set match, it is critical to be performing as well at the end of the match as you were when you started.


I want to make your life easy! I wanted to create a sample workout plan that would allow you to follow a proven conditioning system rather than recreating something. The purpose of this page is to give you a big picture view of the workout. The individual exercises can be found in the specific sections found on
this page.

I have broken down the workout into various sections. Volleyball conditioning will break down the workout into sections on strength training, exercises, jump training, flexibility, and cardiovascular training. The beauty of this is that all exercises on this site are designed specifically for the volleyball player.

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The needs of a volleyball player focus on strength in the legs and shoulders. You can see examples of this with many players in the pro beach volleyball tour. In the strength section, I will focus on how to develop the right muscles for the proper performance on the court. Click here for the strength volleyball exercise videos.

Volleyball conditioningThe core strength workout page will focus on nothing but your core. The core is vital to volleyball success. Many people do not realize that when you are spiking, your abs will flex to help you pull through the hit and get the right torque from the body.

One of the most overlooked parts of volleyball conditioning is that of flexibility. One of the greatest secrets associated with jumping is that of being flexible. Flexibility will also improve your ability to focus, reaction times, and movement. Flexible players are also less injury-prone.

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If you are looking for some volleyball workouts to test your abilities as a player, you should check these out!

Finally, I will outline a cardiovascular program for you. The needs of a volleyball player are different than other sports, so I will outline a program for that purpose. Use these volleyball conditioning exercises to increase your stamina and make sure that you can perform at a high level for that fifth set. You don’t want to be outdone do you?

Here is the basis of the workout program: You will want to have a combination of all four areas. The important part is to combine them differently. That way, your body will not become used to the same
workout over and over. This does not allow your body to progress as quickly as you could. As you keep throwing different routines, exercises, and combinations of workouts, your body is forced to adapt.

So, one day you will want to do strength and cardiovascular. Another day, you can do jump training and core exercises. The next time you do strength training, mix it with flexibility or something else.

Again, our main point here is to focus on getting different combinations of these exercises at different times.

You might also want to check out the page on training for volleyball and see the information that is provided on working out.

In order to get into the best shape possible, it is going to require a commitment from you to also workout even on the days that you don’t have practice. I recommend getting in at least four workouts a week to get in the best possible shape. Six workouts is to hit your optimum fitness level.

Your volleyball conditioning schedule will look like this:

Days per week: 4-6 (you need at least one day to rest)

Sections to focus on: two sections (make sure to mix them up)

Sections to work from: strength training, exercises (core), jump training, cardiovascular, flexibility

Duration of workout: At least 30 minutes; no more than an hour and a half

Important Rule!! Listen to your body. During these workouts, you want to push yourself. If the workout is too easy, you are not doing your body any good. However, you may find that the workout listed above is to difficult. If that is the case, do what stretches your body to a new fitness level, but doesn’t go too far. The purpose is to strengthen you and develop your abilities. You aren’t trying to kill yourself during these exercises, okay?

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