Volleyball Advertising – Advertise With Volleyball-Training-Ground.com

Volleyball-Training-Ground.com offers custom, targeted advertising to volleyball players and coaches. This site is passionate about catering to training players and coaches of any level.

This site offers advertising options in the form of exclusive sponsorships. This means you will have the opportunity to grow your business within the volleyball sector.

Reach a targeted visitor before they come to your site

There are a lot of offline options on how you would advertise your business. This would include options like ads in a magazine, in a newspaper, or other print service. These options are not always targeted to the desired group of people and they are very expensive.

As an example, the advertising space in the leading volleyball magazine would cost you about $750 for the smallest black and white ad they offer. This is for one ad in one month’s publication. The magazine does not endorse the ad at all.

Some of these advertising options are expensive and require the prospective customer to take the ad to their computer to type in the website address.

What I have to offer is much, much different.

That is why exclusive sponsorships are better

What does exclusive sponsorship mean? I only allow certain people that I sponsor. I have to ensure that it is a product or service that adds value to my website visitors.

If it passes the test, I do a full review of the product or service for the benefit of my readers. That is why you must offer something I believe in and something that adds value to my readers.

There will be an ad placed on every page of my site so that it is prominently visible to all visitors regardless of which page they enter on the site. This ad will take visitors to the full review of the product or service you have to offer. The reason that I do this is so that people will be pre-sold on your service before they ever make it to your site. And this review is coming from a third-party that they know and trust.

That is the value of a sponsorship instead of just volleyball advertising. When people come to your site that are already informed of what you have to offer, you will attract higher qualified people.

Offline volleyball advertising can be so ineffective. The advertising usually comes to them at a time when they are not open to receiving that information. It is usually intrusive on their lives. With the right website, you are able to target people when they are open to the suggestion (they were searching for that information) and the visitors share the same passion of the site topic.

When you compare the advantages to online advertising and then couple that with the sponsorship model, you have a marketing campaign that is extremely effective, inexpensive, targeted, and visitors that are pre-sold…that is a winning combination.

Why advertise with Volleyball-Training-Ground.com?

What does Volleyball-Training-Ground.com have to offer to potential sponsors? There are several things:

Targeted traffic is the primary offering for volleyball advertising. The majority of people that come to this website are volleyball players and coaches around the world. The site topic is all about training people to be better volleyball players and coaches. With that idea in mind, there are plenty of people who come looking for products and services that will enhance their game.

How much traffic does the site get? Traffic is constantly growing each month. The site is currently getting 45,000 page views per month. That is over 500,000 page views in a year and this number has been steadily growing from month to month.

Volleyball-Training-Ground.com was started in 2009 and was created by the passion and motivation of wanting to teach people how to competitively play a sport that I love. This site is a non-commercial website and that is another reason I will accept a limited number of sponsors.

When you consider that the site averages 20,000+ visitors each month, you are reaching a large, targeted audience for a very small amount of money. This is the power of volleyball advertising with this site. You reach a group of people, passionate about volleyball, looking for information, at a time when they are searching for it, and pre-sold by the review of your product or service.

What would be better?

What are the sponsorship rates?

The sponsorship rates for volleyball advertising are as follows:

6 month sponsorship: $200

12 month sponsorship: $350

That is so much less expensive than offline volleyball advertising and you do not get the added benefits that online advertising offers. As traffic on the site continues to grow, so will the sponsorship rates. Lock in your low price now.

If you would like to become a sponsor, or would like more information, please use the form below to contact me for more details.