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Volleyball Exercises That Will Improve Your Abilities

These volleyball exercises will help you become a better player. Too many volleyball coaches focus on teaching volleyball techniques and they forget to spend time conditioning their players.


The time you spend conditioning will not only help you improve your abilities, but it will also prevent injuries. Volleyball is a grueling sport and you must prepare your body to compete at the highest level that you can.

I have compiled these videos of exercises that will get your prepared. Once you do these exercises three times a week, you will be more resilient on the court much to your opponents dismay!


The first exercise is the lateral raise. This exercise is based on strengthening several muscles in your shoulders that help you hit the ball. For all of these strength exercises, it is important to pick the right weight. If you are wanting to add size to your muscles, do 8-10 reps with a heavier weight. If you are wanting to tone and stay lean, then do 12-15 reps with a lighter weight.

The next exercise is the front deltoid raise. This works a different muscle group than the lateral raise. You can also do a variation of this where you are still doing the same movement, but holding the weights up (thumbs to ceiling).


The first leg exercise is wall squats. Even those these are not fun, you need these as a volleyball player. When you get down in a squat to dig the ball or play defense, these are those muscles that you are using. Do these for one minute changing legs every ten seconds.

The next volleyball exercise is the dumbbell calf raise. I recommend doing three different sets of 25 reps each. The first set is with the feet pointing out at a 45 degree angle. The next with feet parallel facing forward and the last set with the feet facing in (pigeon toed). This will get those jumping muscles primed for maximum height!

These exercises done three times a week will help your key areas develop and become strong. Remember that the proper volleyball exercises will not only help you become stronger, but they will also help you prevent injuries.

I also recommend that you have some good shoes for volleyball. These shoes will not only be important for playing, but it is also important to have them for working out. You might want to look at the best volleyball shoes page.

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