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Volleyball Quotes – For Motivation, Inspiration, and Laughter…

Volleyball quotes can serve as inspiration, as motivation, or can make you laugh. This section of the website is dedicated to all sorts of quotes on volleyball.


I love quotes. I have always found them very helpful. Not only have they inspired me to achieve more, but they have taught me lessons that other athletes have learned. I like to learn from the experiences of others and many motivational quotes provide that experience for me.

Some of the quotes have taught me how to work through adversity. Some of them have helped me learn how to be a better teammate. I have also learned a lot about the value of working hard and preparing to compete.

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There are times I have been frustrated with myself or my team and found great ideas in these quotes. What will you learn in these quotes?

Many of these quotes will be focused on the sport of volleyball and they will be quotes from various players or coaches. Some of the quotes will be from other notable sports figures and they serve as good motivation for the lessons they teach.

I wanted to be able to pass on some of these quotes on volleyball that have helped me over the years. I hope that in sharing them, you will be able to find the same motivation and help that I have found.

The different sections of quotes are as follows:

Funny Volleyball Quotes

Great Sports Quotes

Great Quotes About Sports

General Volleyball Quote

Enjoy them! There are a lot of pearls of wisdom and wit in these quotes.

Although it doesn’t have a lot to do with sports quotes (or quotes sports if you want to be a little backwards), I really like one quote from this website because I think it embodies the type of person I try to be. The quote is, “What you say and how you act is who you are.” Used by permission from Modern Manners and Etiquette.

There have been some great sports quotes submitted by our readers. Here are a few of them:

“It is not the number on the outside that matters, it’s the player on the inside that does!”

“Excuses are like loses. Everyone has them…except for the champions.”

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” (Submitted by Melissa from Minnesota)

“When nothing goes right…go left.”

“Quitters never win and winners never lose.” (Submitted by Alysson from California)

“We bust ours to kick yours.” (Submitted by Sabrina from Temecula)

Got a great sports quote to add? What is the saying that inspires, motivates, encourages, or makes you laugh? We all need that motivation and I appreciate you sharing those motivating quotes with the rest of us.

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