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Effective Volleyball Serving Drills

These volleyball serving drills are all about simple, effective ways to train players. With the game being rally point scoring (every point is a serve), you cannot afford service errors with your team. In fact, a strong service game will result in easy points. These drills will improve your serving abilities.


Around The WorldVolleyball Serving Drills

This drill is all about teaching players to serve accurately in a pressure situation. Here is how the drill works:

  • Players will divide up into two teams. Each team will be behind the opposite service line.
  • One player from each team will sit in zone 1 on the opposite side of the court.
  • As the drill starts, one player in each team will try to serve to their teammate that is sitting down.
  • When the ball is served, the player that is sitting down must catch the ball.
  • If the ball is not caught, the next player in the serving line will try to serve to the player sitting down.
  • Once the served ball is caught, the player will then sit down in zone 2 and continue through all six zones.
  • The winner is the team that can get through all six zones first.

First to TenVolleyball Serving Drills

This drill is an individual serving drill and is focused on serving accuracy for each player. This drill will focus on each individual player’s serving ability.

  • The players will line up behind the service line.
  • The player at the front of the line will serve to the zone that is called out by the coach.
  • The player will attempt to serve to the zone.
  • For each successful serve, the player receives +1 point. If the serve is in the court but the wrong zone it is 0 points. If there is a service error or the ball goes out of bounds, it is -1 point.
  • The player serving will then go to the back of the line and so on.
  • The first player to receive 10 points wins.

Fire Away

Volleyball Serving DrillsThis last volleyball serving drill is to focus on serving short and doing it in a competition type setting. I like competitive drills as it motivates people to achieve more. The drill goes like this:

  • The players behind the serving line will try to serve the ball short.
  • As the ball is served, the passers behind the opposite serving line will try to run forward and catch the ball.
  • Server will receive one point for each ball that is not caught.
  • The passer will run back to the end line.
  • Do this drill for a set amount of time (3-4 minutes).

I hope these volleyball serving drills will improve your team’s serving abilities. It makes a huge difference to be able to get some easy points from your service game.

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