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Proper Volleyball Transition Will Improve Your Hitting Skills

Volleyball transition is all about how a team goes from defense to offense quickly and efficiently. When this is done the right way, your team’s hitting abilities will also increase.


Since transitioning starts with the players on the front row, let’s start with proper front row defense and go through the process.

The three front row players on defense should be right up at the net for blocking purposes. When the other team runs their attack, the front row players should be blocking. If the ball passes them, their volleyball transition will help them get set to run their own offense.

As the ball goes past the block, the back row will pass the ball. While the back row is passing the ball, the front row will land after jumping for the block and must move on the court to get into hitting position. Since there isn’t a lot of time to get into hitting position, the transition is the key. If the transition goes well, the front row players will be in better position to hit and your hitting percentages should increase.

As the front row players land, they will need to take 2-3 several large steps to get back so that they can make an approach when attacking. You need to get deep enough in the court so that you can build up momentum prior to hitting. The last step that you take should also be a pivot so that you are now facing the net again.

The first steps of the volleyball transition will be away (your back to the net) from the net, and your last step will be a pivot to get face the net again to start your approach.

As you are making your transition away from the net, make sure that you watch the ball. There is nothing worse than trying to transition and running into a back row player that is trying to pass the ball because you aren’t watching the ball.

Here is a video of what the transition should be like. Pay particular attention to how the front row moves after they block. That is where the transition is taking place.

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