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Volleyball Techniques Are The Starting Point In Learning To Dominate On The Court…

Using correct volleyball techniques is such a critical part of your success as a volleyball player. One of the things that I love about the sport of volleyball is that being a great athlete helps, but it is not the only thing that matters.


Volleyball is a sport that appeals to people as you do not have to be really tall (it helps) or jump really high (it also helps) in order to be successful. Volleyball is a sport of technique. Proper technique is the difference between volleyball scholarships and not having them.

I remember when I started to play volleyball. I have been a basketball player my entire life. I wanted to learn how to play volleyball so that I would have something to stay active during the off season. As I started, I remember how confusing it was for me to learn everything there was to know.

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I found myself doing things like a basketball player because that is what I knew and that is how my body had been trained. It took me a long time to learn how to pass the ball, how to set it, and how to fit it if the ball came to me. This is NOT something you will learn overnight.

I can still see that same frustration in new players that we are teaching these days. That is the majority of the reason that I wanted to build this web site. I wanted to have something that could show people the proper technique and reduce their learning curve.

As in any other type of sport, you have to be proficient with the fundamentals to achieve any kind of success. The volleyball techniques displayed in this section of the web site focus on the necessary fundamentals to be successful on the floor.

In order to try and teach you these fundamentals in an online format, I am going to use as many pictures and video as possible to demonstrate proper technique. Some people learn by seeing something done, so I want to provide that opportunity so that you can get the most out of this site.

Volleyball Technique for Setters

The fundamentals on this site are broken down into several categories. We will focus on passing (bumping) techniques, setting, hitting, blocking, serving, and defense techniques. These techniques, when combined with the other sections of knowledge on this site, become a powerful tool for you to learn quickly.

The other sections of this site that work well with these volleyball techniques would be the sections on running an offense, volleyball rotations, and the drills.

The most important part for you as you go over these volleyball techniques are to ensure that you practice doing things the right way. It is a lot easier to learn a new habit than it is to break a bad habit.

At times, volleyball can be a frustrating sport. Since it is very technical, the fact that you are dependent on other team members, and that there are so many ways to run an offense, it is easy to become discouraged. Stick with it! Becoming a great volleyball player is just like anything else…

…It takes practice and patience (most people are not good at practicing or being patient). If you are willing to spend the time, great things can happen. But, it will take a focused, concerted effort.

Click on the section to find the fundamentals that you are looking for:

Passing Techniques and Fundamentals

Blocking Techniques and Fundamentals

Defensive Techniques and Positioning

Serving Techniques and Serve Types

Hitting Techniques

Setting Techniques

Transitioning from Defense to Offense

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