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Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball

These Wilson volleyball reviews will help you select the right type of ball that makes the most sense for your playing style.

Wilson VolleyballThe Wilson AVP Volleyball is the premier beach volleyball to use. This is the same ball that is used on the professional AVP tour.

As a result, this ball plays extremely well. It is made of genuine leather and it is hand sewn.

One of the things that I really love about this Wilson volleyball is the multi-ply lining. This lining provides extra softness when hitting or passing while it also maintains the shape of the ball.

If you are an outdoor volleyball player, then you have definitely owned one of those volleyballs that shortly loses its shape and becomes an egg. The egg shape becomes annoying because it is hard to pass a volleyball that isn’t round. This ball will not lose its shape after being played with for a long time.

Although the ball is a little pricey, you are going to get what you pay for. This ball is top quality and top performance. 

You can pick one of them up from here: Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball

Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Wilson Cast Away VolleyballOkay…okay…I couldn’t resist adding this one in.

Let’s face it…this ball is not about performance on the court or sand. It is all about the novelty of owning a ball similar to the movie.

If you have seen the movie “Cast Away” then you will remember that Tom Hanks was marooned on a desert island. He worked for FedEx and the plane went down. He had one package that was a volleyball.

During the course of the movie, his hand starts bleeding and he puts his hand on the ball. The result was a face just like what you see on the ball. Since the ball was made by Wilson, he called the ball by name, Wilson. Wilson ended up being his companion while he was on the island.

Ya, if you are picking up this ball, it is all about a joke. I wouldn’t expect any level of performance of this ball. I just had to add it because I thought it was funny. Good thing it is also priced as a novelty item.

Pick up the joke here: Wilson Castaway Volleyball

Wilson Light Volleyball

Wilson Light VolleyballThe last Wilson volleyball that I am going to review is the Wilson Light Volleyball.

This ball is known for the softness of it and so it really is geared more towards a passer’s ball. As a middle hitter, I tend to prefer a harder ball, but that is because it isn’t my arms that are passing the ball.

If you are looking for a good mid-range quality ball, this ball fits the bill. It is well constructed, and offers great durability even though it is a little too soft for my taste.

The “light” in the name of the ball has nothing to do with its size or weight. The ball is regulation size and weight. The light has to do with the softness of the ball as it will feel “light” coming off of your arms.

If you would like to pick one of them up, you can do it here: Wilson Light Volleyball

I also really like Tachikara volleyballs. You might want to see the reviews on the Tachikara volleyballs too.

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