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The 6 2 Offense Revealed With Tips and Strategies

Is the 6 2 offense right for you and your team? After the description of the offense and how it works, I will also give some tips on how to use this to your advantage.


The offense is where there are six hitters and two setters. By having two setters, it allows an offense to have three front row hitters during all rotations. With three hitters, this means that the setter will always be coming from off of the back row to run the offense.

Here is an example of how the offense would line up on the floor with the top of the diagram being the volleyball net:

Diagram of a 6 2 offense

As with any type of offense, there are pros and cons.


* Having three attackers at all times is a major benefit

* Increases offensive options


* Having two setters can make it difficult to adjust to two different people running the offense.

* The offense requires two people that are good setters. Talented setters are usually hard to find.

* Having the setter come off the back row and three attackers puts more emphasis on offense and fewer people to defend during the transition of offense to defense.

The basic concept for this offense is to make it so that there is a powerful offense, sacrificing a little defense when the setter is coming off the back row. If the ball is hit at the setter on the back row and the ball is dug, the setter on the front row must now take the set to keep the 6 2 offense running.

To get an idea of possible positions during the six rotations, click here to view volleyball rotations.

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