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Teaching Volleyball Skills Is Easier With These Tips And Techniques

Teaching volleyball skills can be a daunting task. It seems like the task gets even more difficult if you are teaching younger kids. So, how do you go about this endeavor?


That is the purpose of this section of the web site. I want to make teaching volleyball skills easy for you, the coach. Volleyball coaching jobs at any level require you to be proficient at teaching skills to your players.

Teaching Volleyball SkillsUse these sections to help you learn how to teach the various skills that will teach the children the volleyball fundamentals of passing the ball, how to set, how to rotate, serving the ball, and approaching the net to hit the ball. Depending on the age of the children, they may not yet be able to hit the ball, but learning the footwork will help them as they grow and can jump higher.

When progress is tracked and reported, progress improves. That is why I created a page on how to simply keep volleyball statistics. Check it out.

Here is the most important part of teaching others to gain volleyball skills: Watching is not the same as touching. I have seen some coaches over the years that demonstrate with one player, or they have the kids play 6 on 6 volleyball. This teaching method does not help and will not prepare the children to play.

When I think about how I learned to become proficient at volleyball, I learned by playing two on two volleyball. When you are playing in smaller groups, there are more opportunities to touch the ball, to make plays, and learn the various skills needed to be successful.

When you are teaching these skills to the kids, you must take a similar approach. In order for them to learn the skills, you must teach them how to do the individual skills, and then give them the opportunity to use them in a game situation. This is true for any age people that you are teaching.

Use these ideas to help you with your teaching.

How to coach volleyball is another important topic. I outline how to know what to teach the various age groups you might be coaching.

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