My Volleyball Sponsorship Policy

I accept sponsorship requests from high quality services and products that I believe in. I will write a review of each sponsor that is independent of the sponsorship.

My goal in doing this is to provide an “A-list” of the best offerings for volleyball players and coaches. In essence, these sponsors become a tool because the best resources will be available in one place.

I only sponsor products and services that I believe in. This means that “volleyball ads” you see in the right column of my site are much more than just a paid advertisement. These are people I sponsor because I know it will help other people out there.

I write a review of each sponsor to provide an independent view point. The “ad” in the right column is placed to offer the sponsor added visibility on my web site (which is over 200 pages and growing).

My goal of having these sponsors is not to have a large group of paid advertisers. There are already too many websites that do that. I want to have a small group of sponsors that I whole heartedly support and believe in so that you have confidence in them as well. I want them to be every bit as high quality as the training available on this website.

If you enjoy, then support our sponsors! I think you will be happy that you did..

If you sell products or services to volleyball players and coaches and would like to know more about being a sponsor on my site, then click here to learn more about “Volleyball Advertising” and becoming a Volleyball Training Ground site sponsor.

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