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Use These Hand Signals For Better Communication With Your Partner

Using hand signals are important in beach volleyball. It is the only way for you to communicate where you want them to serve and where you are going to block. This communication is valuable when playing beach volleyball.


With beach volleyball being a sport with two people per side, there is a lot of strategy that can be used. Do you want to serve the person that isn’t passing well or the worst hitter? These hand signals can tell your partner that information. Usually the person at the volleyball net will be the one making the signals.

Does one of the players not set as well? Then you can serve the other player so that they are required to set all the time. Use these strategies and knowledge to your advantage.

Now that you have an idea as to why you would want to use these strategies, let’s review the way this works so that you know how to communicate with your partner:

One finger showing: When your partner shows one finger, this means that they intend to block down the line. Since they are going to be taking away the line, it will be your responsibility to be ready to dig the angle away from the block.

Two fingers showing: This signal with two fingers means that your partner is going to block the angle. As a result, you will be responsible for any ball hit down the line.

Shaking the hand: When your partner’s hand is shaking, they are communicating to you which person they want you to serve to. This could be because they have been blocking well against them, or that they haven’t been hitting well, or other reasons. However, that is where they want the ball to go.

Fist: When your partner shows you a fist, it means that they are not planning on blocking and will be dropping back to dig with you. Step over to the other side of the court so that they can drop straight back and play defense.

Thumbs: The thumbs can be used to show your partner what part of the court you would like them to serve to. As an example, watch this video to see how to use the thumbs for this.

That is about it for the hand signals. Make sure that you review them with your partner prior to playing so that you are telling each other the same information. Use this communication tool to your advantage.

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