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Beach volleyball strategy is completely different than the indoor game

Beach volleyball has a lot of appeal to fans that the indoor sport doesn’t have. There is a certain atmosphere to being outside and enjoying the weather and a great sport. Grab your beach volleyball shorts and hit the beach!


I played outdoor volleyball for a number of years as I was learning to play the game. I feel like it helped me for a number of reasons.

Since I was playing two on two volleyball, it required me to develop skills so that I was more well rounded. I was the better hitter out of me and my partner when I first started, but my setting skills were awful. As a result, the other team would consistently serve to my partner so that I would have to set and he would have to hit.

I was forced to learn how to set real quickly and it wasn’t always pretty! Serving to the partner of the weaker setter is part of your beach volleyball strategy that can help you win more games. To learn more beach volleyball strategies, click here for the list of strategies.

Beach Volleyball PictureIt also took me a long time to learn how to jump effectively out of the sand. On solid surfaces, I jumped pretty well. But once I got in the sand, my vertical jump was terrible. This also got better with time and I was a better jumper because of it.

I also had to relearn how to play defense. When your partner is blocking, you have to learn how to cover the court instead of spots like when playing indoor. I had to learn to read the hitter and move to the spot. My reaction times improved as a result.

These outdoor volleyball tips can help you speed up your learning process.

Strategy is a key part of this game. It is important to be able to communicate well with your partner. Use these hand signals to communicate with your partner.

Although my passion is still for the indoor game because I love the strategy that six people bring to the game, many of my skills I learned while playing outdoors with only one other player.

If there are parts of your game that need improving, I would recommend playing two on two volleyball. It will require you to become a better all around player.  These sand volleyball drills will also help you become a better player.

Since this type of volleyball has different rules, strategies, and features, I have devoted this section of my web site to teaching you the differences and how to be a better beach volleyball player. Click here to see the rules for outdoor volleyball.

If you would like to build your own court, you will need to know the beach court dimensions. The images and measurements there will help make sure it is accurate and the correct

Use these links below to go to the section that you need help with. Hopefully, it will help you become better as you play.

Learn about the history of sand volleyball here.

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