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Volleyball Safety Tips – How To Prevent Injury

Volleyball safety is all about two very important concepts: how to keep you safe while playing, and things that you can do to prevent injury. You may think that volleyball injuries are uncommon, however, 187,000 volleyball injuries were treated in 2007 alone. Use these tips to keep you safe and enjoying yourself on the court. […]

Volleyball Variations For Fun And Variety

Looking for some volleyball variations to keep things fun and fresh? Then you have come to the right place! This page will not only give you some variations on the classic game, but some completely different games based on volleyball as well. 3 Man Volleyball One of the frustrating things about volleyball is that it […]

Volleyball Terms Defined…

There are specific volleyball terms that are used by players and coaches. In fact, all sports have their own terminology. If you are going to learn to play volleyball, you must also learn the terms that go with this sport. Terms used by players can usually mean surprising things. Learn about them below. Ace: This volleyball […]

Volleyball Court Measurements And The Rules Associated With Them

Volleyball court measurements are an important part of the information you need to play and coach volleyball. On this page, we are going to cover the court dimensions and the rules associated with the court. The volleyball court measurements are as follows: The length of the court from one end to the other is 18 […]

With All Of The Volleyball Positions, Where Do YOU Belong On The Court?

Using these volleyball positions descriptions, you will know where you fit into the game. One of the great things about volleyball is that regardless of how tall, short, or body type you are, there is a position for you. And no, that position isn’t on the bench! Outside Hitter The outside hitters have a few different […]

Don’t Let The Volleyball Scoring Systems Confuse You…

Volleyball scoring is done in several different ways. I want you to understand the scoring systems that are used. Since there are different methods, it is important to understand the volleyball scoring systems so that the team can adapt as necessary. Basically, there are two different scoring methods. The first one is the older method of […]

Use These Volleyball Lineup Sheets For Free

Volleyball lineup sheets are a must for a coach at any level. These sheets are how you let the scores table know who is playing and what rotation they are in. As a free resource, I wanted to provide players and coaches with these lineup sheets. Consider it a free volleyball resource that you can […]

Knowing Volleyball Rules Is The Starting Point

Volleyball rules are an important place to start. You cannot expect to be proficient at a sport unless you know what the rules are.This page assumes that you know nothing so that you will know how to play the game. This page will be dedicated to teaching those rules. Rather than posting an official rule […]