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Want To Be Trained In Volleyball From The Ground Up?

…Or are you wanting to improve your volleyball skills or techniques? This site on drills and techniques is here to help you. It can be your guide as a player or a coach.

One of the reasons I love this sport is that it is something that everyone can play. I have seen some of the best outside hitters with a horrible vertical leap. I have seen short setters that were amazing at running the offense. This is a game of technique and skills. I want to help you develop and refine those abilities.

Volleyball hitting

It is also a sport that requires teamwork. There are other sports where a superstar can dominate the game even if the rest of their team

isn’t very good. With this sport, you must take a team approach.

This web site is really targeted to those people that want to get started on this great sport. When you play for the first few times competitively, it can be confusing to people. That is why I wanted to create this web site so that it will reduce the confusion. Let me tell you about my experience starting as a player and see if this sounds familiar…

As I was growing up, I spent most of my life playing basketball. I came from a basketball family. During high school, I started looking for a sport that I could play during the off season so that I could stay in shape. Someone suggested that I play volleyball.

I laughed at them and said that it wasn’t really a sport for guys. They humored me and said that I should come play anyway. I decided to give it a try.

The Best Volleyball Drills To Train Your Team!

These drills are optimized for all team skill levels with variations to keep it fresh and productive. Come see these volleyball drills and learn how to improve your team.

The first few times that I went and played, I was humiliated! I was frustrated that I didn’t understand why people were moving to different spots on the court, why only certain people could hit the ball, or what position I was supposed to play.

I saw people hitting the ball and I thought it looked easy. As I went to hit the ball for the first time, I was so excited to hit that I got to the net before the ball did and had to wait to hit. Well, that didn’t work so well. I saw people much smaller than I was hitting the ball like they were my size. I was so embarrassed.

I am tall (6’6″) and so I thought that blocking would be real easy for me and that I would have an advantage over everyone else that was smaller. The first time I went to block the ball, I was in the net like a caught fish. The next time I went to block, I was proud of myself. I stayed out of the net and I blocked the ball straight down…on my side of the net.

Passing wasn’t much different for me. I am an extremely competitive person and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the ball to go where I wanted it to. It was really frustrating! As I watched other people pass, I realized that there were fundamental skills and techniques that I needed to master. I needed help…

Well, as I continued to play, everything started making sense and the fundamentals started coming together, but it took years to get to that point.

Now, I spend more time teaching people the game of volleyball rather than playing. As I thought about it, I wanted to create a web site that had the information for those wanting to learn this great sport and learn to play it the right way.

When I say the right way, I don’t mean family reunion volleyball. Ever played volleyball at a family reunion or similar gathering? It is almost like tennis where everyone is trying to hit the ball over the net with one hit…that isn’t very fun.

With this site, you will learn about the rules of the game. Within the rules section you will find the court dimensions, net height, scoring methods, and the terminology you will need to know. These are the basics of the game.

Within the techniques section, the rubber will hit the road. Here you learn about how to play volleyball. This section is broken up into the fundamentals for passing, setting, blocking, hitting, serving, and playing defense. Volleyball is a sport of technique and this is the starting point.

Volleyball is a great sportAre you a coach or a player wanting to improve your abilities? Go to the drills section to learn how to practice and improve. The drills will be divided into those that will focus on the area you are looking to improve like setting, hitting, passing, serving etc.

To be successful at this sport, you will use a different set of muscles than for other sports. To fill this need, go to the conditioning section. Here you will find exercises to increase your athletic abilities. Want to jump through the roof? We have the programs to help you with that and I think you will be impressed.

The offense portion of the site will teach you the various types of offenses that can be run. You will also find our play calling system that we use to run our offense.

Want to learn from some of the best coaches and players in the world? Check out the Interviews section where we have interviews from some of the top people in the world of volleyball. There are certainly some pearls of motivation and information to be found here.

As you go through this site, I hope you find the information helpful to learn the basics and improve your game. I don’t profess to be a professional player or coach and so I am not going to act like I am. That is why I am focusing on beginning players as I want them to develop a passion for this sport.
I hope as you spend some time on this site, that you will find the resources you were searching for. May your hits be deadly, your passes on the money, and your blocks like the Great Wall of China.

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