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Beach Volleyball Videos That Rock!

This first video has some awesome defense and digs that are unbelievable! I love a good volleyball dig. Check this out: > This next video shows some great highlights and plays from the AVP tour. Finally, for those of you that are looking for some beach volleyball conditioning or workout videos, here is a good […]

Beach Volleyball History Explained…

Beach volleyball history goes back a little in time. There are some unconfirmed reports stating that it started in 1915 in Hawaii. However, most people attribute the start of the sport to be in the 1920s in Santa Monica. This is roughly 25 years after the indoor version started and the original indoor game was […]

Beach Volleyball Tips

Usually, the difference between the first place team and the second place team is a very small margin. With that thought in mind, these beach volleyball tips could be the difference between winning and losing. Beach Volleyball Tips Communication is key! This communication comes in many different forms. It comes in making sure that you […]

Beach Volleyball Drills – Skills to Win

These beach volleyball drills will help you improve your game and be a better player. When it comes to beach volleyball, the skills are a little bit different than those that are needed on the indoor game. These drills will help you develop the skills pertinent to the outdoor game. If there are indoor skills […]

Use Beach Volleyball Strategy To Win More!

Proper beach volleyball strategy can be the difference between losing a close match or winning it. Beach volleyball is a different game than the indoor game and so the strategy is also different. Use the ideas on this page to increase your chances to win. Here are some strategies to consider: Serve to the person […]

Beach volleyball strategy is completely different than the indoor game

Beach volleyball has a lot of appeal to fans that the indoor sport doesn’t have. There is a certain atmosphere to being outside and enjoying the weather and a great sport. Grab your beach volleyball shorts and hit the beach! I played outdoor volleyball for a number of years as I was learning to play […]